recruitment consultancy

Alexander Porter Pty Ltd is a boutique recruitment consultancy, established to offer personalised service to both clients and candidates.

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attract the right talent

As the challenge to find and retain good people continues to grow, the ability to source, identify and attract the right talent becomes more important. 

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quality over quantity

With old fashioned values such as common courtesy & common sense, we feel there is a place for recruitment firms that focus on quality over quantity. 

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Identify, Source & Attract Talent

McKinsey’s seminal War for Talent research forecast a global shortfall of professional skills. In the subsequent update to this research, they found that the war for talent was still escalating.

It has been noted that ‘recruitment has emerged as arguably the most critical human resource function for organisational survival and success’. Attracting high-performing applicants is a critical component of personnel selection and overall organisational success.

While there is still generally oversupply of candidates, the challenge has been to find the near perfect fit that is being sought. Many jobs are not being advertised in the open market and it is even more important to maintain your own professional networks. We often will work through this high-value medium than rely on the job boards that often provide an abundance of candidates not close enough to the overall requirements. Quality is more important than quantity (at least we think so).

To extend the last point a little further, we know there is a difference between talent pools (networks) and the typical candidate puddle (online job boards) many resources are sourced from. One is narrow and deep with quality, the other broad and often shallow. It is now a combination of what you know, who you know and importantly who knows you! Looking for good people – get in touch with us to see who we know and who we can find…

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The Story of our History

Curious where the name Alexander Porter came from? We think it is both a nice and interesting story…

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With over a decade of experience and a passion for identifying talent, contact the team at Alexander Porter to see how we can help source and select your next valued staff member.

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