COMPANY PHILOSOPHY – Alexander Porter Pty Ltd provides high quality recruitment services to organisations seeking to engage high calibre staff. Alexander Porter aims to be a strong, enduring business based on:

  • Deserving our customers’ trust and support
  • Retaining their custom through commitment to service and by demonstrating diligence, competence and responsiveness
  • Operating by robust processes which incorporate valid, effective methodologies
  • Maintaining a culture of truthfulness, sincerity and consideration


RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN – We care about building lasting relationships, not quick transactions. Our permanent candidate placement success rate is well above industry average, reflective of our abilities and confidence in our work. Our pricing structure differs markedly to most recruitment firms, encouraging relationships not transactions. We offer flexible service options and reward you with significant discounts when engaged exclusively.

RECRUITMENT METHODOLOGY – Alexander Porter operates a rigorous selection methodology. Our methodology is centred on the development of a position specification comprised of prioritised relevant job competencies. Competency based selection criteria are agreed with the hiring manager, used as the basis of our assessment through multiple selection phases, form the major part of our candidate reports, and guide reference checking interviews. If interested, please request a copy of our 14 step recruitment workflow diagram highlighting our bespoke designed 8 Stage Quality Recruitment Methodology.

SCOPE AND DETAIL OF THE ASSIGNMENT – In compliance with our methodology and quality approach, a position description questionnaire is completed jointly with the hiring manager‑ generally in a face to face interview. Job competency based selection criteria are identified, negotiated and prioritised as part of this process. If no current position description exists, please request with our compliments a copy of our template Position Specification form which you may find useful in determining key aspects for this and future roles.
Also in compliance with our methodology, written confirmation is forwarded to the client prior to commencement of any retained assignment, covering these areas among others:

  • Scope of assignment and Selection criteria
  • Resourcing strategy
  • Advertising budget when relevant
  • Costs and business terms

Depending on client requirements the HR department may act as the primary interface, or may be copied on correspondence.

INTERVIEW PROCESS – Candidates are screened on job competency based relevant selection criteria. Our process is valid from an HR perspective, and fully compliant with equal opportunity requirements. Screening mechanisms include the following:

  • Review of resumes
  • Selection interviews
  • Telephone screening of suitable candidates

Interviews are focused on relevant job competency areas. Consultants use behavioural questioning techniques. All Alexander Porter consultants are effective trained interviewers. If you would like to use internally our template Candidate Interview Notes form, simply call or email us.

REFERENCE CHECKING INTERVIEWS – Only short-listed candidates are reference checked. The number and type of reference interviews vary according to the seniority of the position. Face to face reference checking where possible.

 Like to find our more, contact the team at Alexander Porter to see how we can Identify, Source and Attract your next valued staff member — Call (03) 9111 0070 or 1300 AP Jobs (1300 27 56 27) or email at