Established in 2001, Alexander Porter is an ethical recruitment organisation that understands the value that a good recruiting exercise can make to a business.  We also appreciate the other side of the equation – the importance of the potential candidates and their career ambitions.

We recognise that superior recruitment is the result of an approach that is both scientific, having a sound and repeatable process and methodology, and a touch of art, or instinctive insight, of the recruitment function which is why we believe in The Artful Science of Talent Identification.

Bruce Miller, Founder and Director of Alexander Porter, began working in the IT field as a COBOL developer in the 1990’s after several years traveling overseas.  He has also worked as an IT Trainer and Education Provider, with the common thread of helping people achieve more.

Company Profile 

Common Courtesy and Common Sense

Having begun his recruitment career with a well respected boutique recruitment company, Bruce then spent a number of years working with larger national recruitment organisations.  As a result of this collective experience, he felt that both clients and candidates were better serviced by the more personal style offered by the smaller boutique approach.  Hence the establishment of Alexander Porter to help identify talent that makes a real difference.

The team at Alexander Porter are committed to providing both our clients and candidates with a positive and memorable experience.  Following the old fashioned values of common courtesy and common sense, we are sure you will enjoy working with us as much as we will in working with you.  Through the artful science of talent identification, let us help you achieve more.